Jennifer Michelle Mason

Jennifer Michelle Mason

Jennifer is the true definition of a BOSS WOMAN! She’s a self-published author, Relationship Coach, influencer, and entrepreneur, all while holding down her 9 to 5! Crazy right?

New Jersey bred, but currently residing in North Carolina, Jennifer is known for helping women navigate through their single season via 1 on 1 coaching, her Facebook group, and her very own podcast “I’m Single, SO WHAT!” 

When you check out her Instagram, (because at this point, you HAVE to!) you’ll also see her amazing clothing store that carries affirming apparel, cosmetics, and skin care items. Her IG reels are also something you can’t afford to miss! 
Jen spends so much time pouring into other women it’s only right we shine a light on her this Friday! Please go show her some love on all of her amazing platforms! 








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